Pregnancy Nastasya Samburski caused a scandal

Беременность Настасьи Самбурской вызвала скандал
Fans unhappy with the shocking surprise of the artist.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

Nastasya Samburski once again played subscribers. The artist showed in his Instagram photo, which was captured with a rounded belly. “Congratulate me, it happened again in one day! Who is the father, as in the past 4 times — I do not know!” — she wrote.

Fans were skeptical of the joke Samburski, which have become her trademark. Nastasia has repeatedly introduced fans to the fallacy that will soon be a mother. This is probably why the reaction to another provocation ended unfolding in the comments to the picture scandal.

“How would… Not understand that?” “Absolutely it’s silly to make fun of. The aunt in 30 years it would be necessary to understand this!”, “I recently liked, and now I will unsubscribe. She’s not friends with the head” and “Nastasya actually think this is funny? I think it is time to seek the help of a psychiatrist,” wrote Nastasia. By the way, a couple of months ago Samburski played fans of a more original way. Then she announced that it intends to hold a sex-change operation.

Meanwhile, not so long ago, Nastassja became the victim of a robbery. The attackers came from the dwelling of the actress ‘ valuables and money. She admitted that suspects of the incident his friends, because criminals knew the exact time when she wasn’t home.