Беременность сильно изменила Алсу
The singer showed what he does in anticipation of a third child.

Беременность сильно изменила Алсу

Alsu and Yan Abramov

Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Alsu, that is
September to become a mother for the third time, shared with fans his secrets
women’s happiness. The singer posted a touching photo with husband Ian
Abramov, and in the caption to the picture said about what needs to be true love.

“It’s not what you gave
and how much did you spend, really important that you internally have invested and how
often thought about the person. It is important not how much you have wins behind you, statuses and
achievements, truly important and meaningful – hug you at night, falling asleep
under her breath, and whether you still the same warmth, attention and thrill when
you are next. Really important is not the fact of your life, may it and favorite and
you found yourself — it’s just the dust of the perception of our ego, really
it is important to give and receive love, care for and see the concern, to write banal
texting “miss you” and go work somewhere where it is always expected and where comfortable.
Really the only important thing in life, have you become a happy person or not…
Love cannot be bought and borrowed, this is the most fragile and rare matter, its
analogues in the lives of many, as in the world of fashion is full of copies under the brands, but
the Creator is always the truth, as well as love in your heart, because if she
came you her with anything not already messed up!” — said Alsu.

The picture the author Alsu

Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Incidentally, fans noticed that the singer during her third pregnancy much changed character. In the microblog singer started appearing with wishes of love and reflections on life. In anticipation of their third child, the singer returned to his old passion — drawing. In addition, fans could not help but notice that Alsu, while in “interesting position”even more prettier. By the way, the sex of the baby singer is still unknown, but fans do not exclude that in her family, finally there will be a boy.

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