Prancer Seduc sure Kim could stage a robbery, to embezzle jewelry

Пранкер Седюк уверен, что Ким могла инсценировать грабеж, чтобы присвоить чужие драгоценности

American star, traveling in Europe, are unable to surround yourself with decent protection. For this he paid. In the room, where the Kardashian in France, were broken into, tied up the scandalous star locked in the bathroom. The goal of the attackers was not a Kardashian, but those jewels which she brought with us. All the thieves committed theft in the amount of about 11 million euros.

In the aftermath of the incident, Kardashian family hurried back home to America. And Kim the situation is not commented. Apparently, the star is in a state of shock. But the pranker Vitaly Seduc previously accelovance ass Kardashian, expressed his opinion about the incident and admitted that he believes the attack on Kimberly staged.

“Jewelry houses often provide celebrity jewelry to market them at major events. And then the star suddenly robbed. I’m not suggesting anything… Let him deal with it on the French police,” wrote Seduc in Instagram.

Do you think that could Kardashian to go on a “setup” for jewels?