Пранкер Седюк нападением на Хадид протестовал против бездарных моделей

Scandalous Ukrainian journalist and prankster Vitaly Seduc long time not made itself felt. It was until yesterday.

The day before, in his piggy Bank “offended” them celebrities Seduc added model Gigi Hadid.

On the dazzling mannequin Vitali was attacked when she left the show along with her sister Bella. Gigi did not panic and was confident enough to fight off the bully: the girl hit him several times in the face and called a “piece of shit”.

Seduce motives were not clear. As it turned out, this unpleasant Hadid gesture, Vitali wanted to pay attention to, how many mediocre models have captivated the world of high fashion.

“I think Gigi Hadid is very beautiful. But she and her friend Kendall Jenner have nothing to do with high fashion. In doing so, I urge the fashion industry to bet on really good models. Instead, Vogue takes star’s Instagram. I also call Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of American Vogue) to common sense. She turned the magazine into a tabloid where on the cover of Kim Kardashian and other questionable personality for such a distinguished journal,” writes Vitaly Seduc in the social network, commenting on his action.