Потап рассказал о состоянии Насти Каменских после трагедии The rapper said he feels his colleague. Last week Nastya Kamensky almost died. The singer parachute did not open. Now she is treated in hospital and soon will be able to return to the stage.

      Rapper Potap told reporters as he feels his partner in the duet of Nastya Kamenskih after she almost died because of problems with the mechanism of the parachute. Last week, the singer shocked his fans, laying out a photo from the hospital. The girl said that she was very lucky that she survived. After she was taken to the hospital, she immediately turned on the operating table. Thanks to the coordinated work of specialists, the health of girls now in no danger.

      “At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down, runs life as a film! And most importantly, you can’t stop the fall or delay the time… Suffered a right leg, but a huge thanks to my instructor, who reacted in time, and I survived. Friends! Not all dreams need to realize in life. I had a blog at this point,” he told his followers Nastya.

      Potap is not just Kamensky visited in the hospital to find out how she feels. According to the artist, it is much better, she walks to the dressing and protects itself.

      “Anastasia now feels OK, she’s better. She moved away from the operation. Unfortunately, serious injury was a long surgery, she. Now it is restored. I hope it will quickly freshen up, but while she’s on crutches,” – said Potapov.

      Despite his condition, she did not give up. Very soon on the Youtube channel Kamensky in the movie about how she was injured. In the announcement video Nastya said that it was horrible when she saw the foot touches the ground and flips in the other direction. Some time after the operation Kamensky called the day of bad landing from a parachute by the third birthday, because she is so happy to still be alive. Ten years ago, the star was almost killed in a terrible accident. The singer has not yet announced when it will return to the stage.

      Potap confirmed that his colleague is different vynoslivost and not giving up. “I know that Anastasia has come to the trainer, she is already engaged, she drops the sport. Well done, have a positive attitude”, – informed the journalists of TSN rapper.

      The fans support Nastya Kamenskih. “I wish you a speedy recovery!”, “You have a strong guardian angel”, “Nastya, take care of yourself!” “Anastasia, don’t risk more!” – write followers of the singer on her page in the social network.

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