Potapov congratulated Nastya Kamenskih with important changes

Потап поздравил Настю Каменских с важными переменами
The singer begins a new life.

Photo: Instagram

After Potap Nastya Kamenskih also announced the beginning of his solo career. After three days fans will be able to enjoy her first song called “This is my night”. To be a singer is not under his own name, the solo project she called NK — the initials. By the way, it also refers to sports clothing brand that for more than a year produces Kamensky.

“Anastasia Alexeyevna, I congratulate you with the beginning of a long-awaited and, meanwhile, for all those unexpected solo career! — Potapov wrote in his personal blog. — You deserve it like no other! This is your day, this is your year, this is my night! No one except me knows how important this is for you, may Shine with NK!”

If the farm is to produce Nasti, is not yet clear. We know one thing: despite their separation, Nastya and Potap continue to communicate. They continue every morning, play sports together under the supervision of his friend, the coach. And if you believe the insider information, and live the stars together. But none of them has never confirmed this information.

Recall that Potap and Nastya Kamensky put your Duo on pause, it became known last week. First fans suspected the singer goes on maternity leave, so won’t be able to play and tour for some time. Then the captain announced that it would independently do the project, totally different style, if earlier, his songs fit for dancing during a family feast, now in his work will stand the restriction “18+”. Kamensky was reported to be its usual style will not change, it will be a quality pop project.