Potap two years hiding the divorce

Потап два года скрывал развод The musician admitted to journalists that for a long time broke up with his wife Irina Gorovoy. Despite the fact that the star and his former lover are no longer together, they continue to engage in the producing of artists and to raise her son Andrew.

      Потап два года скрывал развод

      Recently revealed that Potap and his wife, co-producer at Entertainment MOZGI Irina Gorovaya, here no longer live together. For several years they hid the fact that dispersed. For a long time Grigory Leps and Irina are not told about the breakup, because with a head left in work. The ex-wife developed several projects – group “Time and Glass”, “Potap and Nastya” Mozgi. But now, as admitted to journalists star music, they have different lives, and it’s time to share it.

      The former wife of the artist Irina told that maintains excellent friendships with Potapov. A woman can always count on his help and support.

      “Yes, we got divorced, it’s true. Already five years living separately, and officially divorced two years ago. And we are really strong, but not a couple… We are parents, business partners, we are true friends… If I have a problem — Alex (real name Potap – Ed.) the first to whom I speak, and he’s the only person I trust 100%. We unconventional couple — a symbiosis of two people who cannot exist without each other,” — said Irina Gorovaya reporters.

      Ex-wife Potap admitted that grateful wife for the years we spent together. Horova also told that I had passed with her husband through a lot. The actor tried to support the woman and not to hurt her. Family life Irene and Potap was happy. That is why the former lovers manage to keep a good relationship.

      According to Potapov, the decision to divorce, he finds the right one. The musician and his wife tried to save the marriage, but they did not work. The separation of the sensual and Gorovoy wasn’t loud, they managed to do without scandals and division of assets. The heir of the artist left to live with her mother. Andrei’s father tries to give him all the free time. According to former spouses, child quite easily suffered the separation of parents, because Potap and had often not been at home when he was on tour.

      The musician also admitted that he believes his heir Natalia – Gorovoy’s daughter from his first marriage. Potap raised her with his wife. “I am grateful to Irina for our three children: Natasha, Andrew and our company”, – said the artist to the magazine “relax”.

      By the way, earlier in a press there were rumors that meets Potap and Nastya Kamensky. The former representative of the artists said that the rapper for many years, sostoit in a relationship with a colleague. Celebrities did not comment on this information. The former PR girl Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh said about the affair