Potap shamed for “insulting” congratulations Nastya Kamenskih

Потапа пристыдили за «оскорбительное» поздравление Насти Каменских
The singer has compared the colleague with the actress of films for adults.


Photo: @realpotap Instagram Alexey Potapenko

Yesterday Nastya Kamensky celebrated 31st birthday. The birthday girl received her birthday hundreds of congratulations from colleagues and fans. Many waited for what I will write for Nastya in social networks, her colleague — Potap (Potapenko Oleksii). It was his many fans believe the alleged “secret” fiance of the actress. The singer left the Network a message for Kamensky, which seriously puzzled fans.

In his congratulatory message Potap Nastya compared with the girls of “easy behavior”. He devoted Kamensky’s poem, which talked about her best qualities. It should be noted that the congratulation of captain was harshly criticized by fans of the artist, who considered it offensive. Anastasia didn’t support the fans and called the poem “cool and original”. That looks like composed by Potap greeting: “Dear Anastasia Alexeyevna, in the first lines of my letter, I want to congratulate you NK with HBD (Happy birthday — approx. ed.) and the delightful delight, to say the verses to you.

Seven billion people, but only a few give you happiness,

Among you, baby, Anastasia.

Your soul is illuminated by your good deeds

And let hiss envious of the singer-about***Tucci.

You’re not we all, Nastya, understand

You were born was to say that “I’m different”.

So Shine international, the Olympus of glory

And let the envious SIP your hot lava.

Among the thousands of show stars and German porn stars,

The answer to the question will always be — Kamensky!”