Potap and Nastya made a statement about their future relationship

Потап и Настя сделали заявление о своих дальнейших отношениях The artists recorded a video message to fans in which he told about the plans. Potap and Nastya Kamensky announced that they are preparing a surprise for fans. Social media users were surprised by the artists.

Potap and Nastya Kamensky decided to appeal to the fans. The artists recorded a video in which he spoke about his future plans. According to stars, they’re going to do a break in your career. The duet “Potap and Nastya” temporarily leaves the stage. About the reasons why the artists decided to suspend its activities, not reported.

In the video, which appeared on the official YouTube channel of the project, Kamensky thanked his colleague for the long years spent together. The artists were also quick to reassure fans and recalled the great number of their songs and videos.

“All the 11 years we gave you a good mood and worked hard. We have released five albums, each with at least 15 tracks, and some and 20. (…) All this can be found on YouTube, like our 29 videos. In General, we will leave a great legacy. We do not know how long our break. But in any case, stay tuned. We have prepared for you something interesting,” – said Potapov and Nastya.

Fans of artists expressed hope for the speedy return of the Duo. Many noted that since childhood listening to the works of Potapov and Nastya. “Sorry”, “We love you too much”, “it is Regrettable. I hope that this will not last very long,” “What’s next?”, “Thanks for everything”, “I Will miss you”, “Sad”, “I cry”, “If my cousin hears you, she’ll faint. No, it’s a dream!”, “Sorrow”, is discussed in the Network.

Fans Potap and Nastya began to Express their assumptions about the reasons that forced stars to make an official statement. Some believe that Kamensky decided to concentrate on his solo career. For others, the farm is planning to leave the stage and focus on being a producer.

At the same time, a number of fans of the Duo think that Nastya Kamenskih is in an interesting position. The singer has not made any official statements about this. Fans of the brunette noticed that she posted in “Instagram” the photo with a rounded belly. After that, many started to ask Cindy whether to congratulate her pregnancy. The actress carefully hides her personal life from prying eyes, did not reply to the comments of users of social networks.

Fans suspect Nastya Kamensky pregnant

Recall that the Duo “Potap and Nastya” was created in 2006. Incendiary hit by Alexei Potapenko and Anastasia Kamensky quickly fell in love with a wider audience. On account of artists such awards as “song of the year” and “Golden gramophone”. Moreover, Potap and Nastya celebrated TV channels MUZ-TV and RU.TV.