Postroynevshaya Marina Fedunkiv called the new sex symbol

Постройневшую Марину Федункив назвали новым секс-символом Prettier actress in elegant evening dress made a splash on the Network. Many fans of the Marina found that she looks amazing. They also called her a gorgeous woman and compared with Vera Brezhneva.

      43-year-old actress Marina Fedunkiv, star of TV series “Real boys”, recently made a splash on the Internet. Fans of the actress to find that she postrhinal and prettier. In this regard, fans of the stars didn’t even recognize her on one of the last photos in Instagram. In the picture published by Marina, she poses behind the scenes of the concert, the premiere of which will soon be on TV. Celebrities wearing elegant black short dress with sheer skirt.

      “Great”, “Look sexy”, “Chic outfit”, “the Real star, good luck in everything”, “Very bold”, “Bomb”, “Oh wow!”, “Oh, God, this eye-catching”, “Dazzling”, “Vera Brezhnev, move over, we now have another sex symbol”, “lost Weight, changed her image, Oh”, “Goddess”, “Luxury”, commented followers Fedunkiw.

      Even Sergey Lazarev could not recognize the woman in the photo Marina Fedunkiv. “Who is this?”, – asked the astonished singer.

      By the way, Marina Fedunkiv not only plays in movies and TV series, but also takes a humorous videos. Records in which the woman shares in Instagram, gaining millions of views. Very often the star of the Comedy Woman is a parody of the TV presenter Olga Buzova. According to Marina, she was so inspired by microblogging star “House-2” that she decided to come up with a new character, filming in the style of famous blondes. So, one of them Fedunkiw tries to imitate the manner of singing of Olga. Invited by the actor instustrial was Sergey Lazarev.

      Sergey Lazarev attacked star Comedy Woman because of the parody Buzova

      Recall that Marina Fedunkiv was born in Perm and played for the KVN team “Dobryanka”. Charismatic comedian quickly gained popularity among fans of the famous club. After performances in the Premier League Marina for some time as a writer. One of the projects worked Fedunkiw is “Everything our way” TV channel STS. In 2010 Fedunkiw was invited to the TNT series “Real boys.” According to many viewers, the woman managed remarkably to cope with the role of mother of Kolya. In an interview with Marina admitted that he copied this image with your own mother-in-law. After some time, the actress got an offer to become a participant in the show Comedy Woman.