Postroynevshaya Anfisa Chekhova was struck by a photo in a swimsuit

Постройневшая Анфиса Чехова поразила фотографией в купальнике
The TV presenter is preparing for the may holidays.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Instagram

Before the may holidays less than two weeks, and Anfisa Chekhova that’s going to carry them over the sea, have already started shopping for a new swimsuit. And as the TV presenter used to consult with their fans, she has published in a personal blog a photo from the dressing room.

“I’m exhausted from the cold — wrote Anfisa. — How do you like the swimwear? Found an amazing company for convex shapes. Sets all perfect! But this swimsuit not only villages, but in soul a fuse!”

Chekhov also wrote a separate appeal to those of its subscribers who all the time criticize her for her weight and always suspect the use of photoshop.

“For those who study me under a microscope, to report: I have a navel but a bathing suit high waisted, and it just happened to be closed, — said the TV presenter, and could not resist the joke. I think my left leg bruise shows through. Maybe me has a husband?!”

Swimsuit girl eventually bought, now she left to buy a few summer dresses.

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