Postroynevshaya 41-year-old Eva Polna spoke about old age

Постройневшая 41-летняя Ева Польна заговорила о старости
The singer spoke about his plans for the future.

Eva Polna

Photo: @polnaeva_official Instagram Eva Pol’na

Eva Polna one of those people who find reasons for good cheer even in the darkest days. Recently the singer decided to get in the middle of the working week for one hot party. “Everyday? No, I never heard of such words!” — joked the dipole in his microblog.

In the caption, Eva also mentioned his old age. 41-year-old singer, as it turned out, already thinking of how and where she will meet old age. “Old age is not going to be home!” — ironically noticed the dipole. Judging by her state, she intends a visit to entertainment events.

By the way, the fans could not ignore the fact that eve continues straineth “eyes”. The first serious changes in the weight of the Dipole occurred in the summer of this year. Visiting the festival of HEAT, the actress admitted that she managed to lose about 10 pounds.

The reason for weight loss of the actress became a tight work schedule that does not allow her to relax. Fans of the stars in awe of this transformation: for many, Eva is the example to follow. The dipole, which in recent years was a pretty lady with appetizing forms, has collected will in a fist and began to closely monitor his weight.