Posted a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

Опубликован новый портрет Елизаветы II и принца Чарльза

In the eve of new year and Christmas holidays the British Royal family decided to make their subjects new the. On the official page in Instagram issued a joint photograph of Prince Charles with his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Note that the can be classified as rare because Charles and Elizabeth II rarely photographed together. Often it is either General family shooting, or the Queen of England posing alone.

The picture was taken in may this year during the gala concert on the occasion of the birthday of the monarch. Its author was the photographer Nick knight.

Note that the story behind this photo is quite interesting. Insiders insist that the shooting of Her Royal Highness late, but despite this the mood and Elizabeth, and Charles was wonderful and while posing, they hardly kept not to laugh.

Judging by the photos, Elizabeth, managed to cope with the emotions, but on the face of Prince Charles’s easy to see the undisguised smile.