Вышедшая из декрета Полина Гагарина зажгла на сцене The artist began to give concerts. The star performed at a party in the walls of the entertainment complex, which will soon open its doors to residents of the capital. Polina appeared at the event in a luxurious bustier dress, which is advantageous emphasized her Breasts.
Вышедшая из декрета Полина Гагарина зажгла на сцене

On the eve of one of the entertainment centers of Moscow held a private party. Leading the event were Alice Selezneva and Vadim Voronov, and invited singer – Polina Gagarina. The actress informed fans that would come out of maternity leave and returns to work schedule.

“With the first us concert, with the opening of the season! Yay! The scene I missed you.” – wrote star in the microblogging, put up a selfie from the event.
Вышедшая из декрета Полина Гагарина зажгла на сцене

Fans Gagarina gladly accepted this news, but was surprised that just two weeks after baby MIA, the singer again decided to speak.

“Pauline, we missed you! You are super!”, “I’m glad you’re back!” “I sincerely wish you good luck in the new season. You’re one of the few stars of the national stage, in addition to talent with a sense of tact and decency”, “Congratulations! You look fabulous!”, “Look so beautiful after giving birth”, “Beauty! Happy motherhood and be healthy!” wrote fans of Pauline.

In social networks there was video with participation of stars. Polina took the stage in a chic bustier dress with a fluffy skirt. The audience appreciated that she was able to get in shape after the birth of the baby in record time. Voluminous outfit did not stop the fiery actress to move on stage with the dancers.

Recall that all nine months of Polina Gagarina was trying not to show pregnancy, as I didn’t want to attract attention from the public. According to the artist, she wanted to did not touch her while waiting for baby. Polina Gagarina explained why hid the pregnancy

“I wanted to spend a few important to me months in peace and quiet, because I and my husband, and my family, believe it is a very personal matter, which is not worth the extra time to advertise. Almost any out “in the light” is pictures and discussions, so we went mostly to the Park. And one more thing – I never denied his position, and just tried not to comment and did not respond to a variety of news that was circulated about me are nice and not very nice people”, – explained Gagarin his position.

Вышедшая из декрета Полина Гагарина зажгла на сцене