Posner described his helpless and empty

Познер назвал Шнурова беспомощным и пустым TV presenter again expressed dissatisfaction with last year’s interview with the musician. According to Vladimir Vladimirovich, he is shocked, as the leader of group “Leningrad” and answered questions. Posner believes that Shnurov had “nothing to say”.
Познер назвал Шнурова беспомощным и пустым

TV host Vladimir Posner gave an interview in which he spoke about his last conversation with the leader of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. Musician, not leaving the top of the charts, is one of the most popular and highly paid figures of domestic show business. But his appearance in the well-known television journalist has caused very mixed reactions among the audience.

Recently, Posner said he believes the transfer with Shnurov failure. The leader was indignant, as the musician led the dialogue. In addition, Mr Putin said that didn’t learn anything new during the conversation with the leader of the “Leningrad”.

“I was told that it is necessary to interview Sergei Shnurov, as it is at the peak of popularity and all that. Well, come to me Cord. And it was no, I was just amazed by it. He had nothing to say, he didn’t answer questions, it was empty, uninteresting. I didn’t know what he is. I’m not saying that he is stupid. But he failed this interview!” — said Vladimir Vladimirovich.
Познер назвал Шнурова беспомощным и пустым

The leader “Leningrad” too was not thrilled with the conversation with the journalist. During the conversation with reporters at the same station Sergey Shnurov said that they experienced boredom during filming.

Познер назвал Шнурова беспомощным и пустым“It was clear that there is a point of view about me, “Leningrad” and of everything we do. And to dissuade people I don’t like, I was very interesting” – commented the man.
Познер назвал Шнурова беспомощным и пустым

Cord argued that he was obliged to come to the Studio to Posner, because the artist was an employee of the First channel. Sergey emphasized that he never wanted to become a hero of the author’s transfer of Vladimir. “I have no reverence for this man, it’s not as if I went to confession to the Lord God,” – said the musician.

In turn, Vladimir Pozner called the source of “helpless”. The moderator noted that Sergey Shnurov nervously smoked in the breaks, although it was forbidden. Journalist reprimanded musician, but that “nothing could be done about it”, informs radio Baltkom.

We will remind that the program “Posner” with the participation of Sergei Shnurov was aired in October last year. This episode provoked a stormy discussion in social networks. Later, Vladimir Pozner, has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the behavior of the musician.

“He walked away from the questions all the time. He spun like a snake, he’s something clever – there, here. (…)I was wondering – is the most popular person! What is it, so to speak, power? Out – of anything,” wrote leading on its official website.