Познер раскритиковал Стоуна после выхода фильма о Путине The famous TV presenter spoke about the new work by American Director, which has caused heated debate online. The views of the audience about what the project is about Oliver stone – documentary or a series of interviews – was divided.
Познер раскритиковал Стоуна после выхода фильма о Путине

Thursday, June 22, on the First channel showed the final episode with Oscar-winning Director Oliver stone “Interview with Putin”, which shows a series of conversations the artist with the Russian President. The documentary has become one of the most anticipated telepromter this season and provoked a lively discussion of the audience.

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The film, which caused a huge outcry, asked to comment on Vladimir Pozner. He shared his opinion on the work of Oliver stone on its official website. According to Vladimir Putin, the American Director does not have the skills of a journalist to interview. Posner also noted that it plans to discuss what he thought of the project of the stone or not. However, the presenter admits that the artist is a significant figure in cinema.

“What did stone, in my opinion, is not at all interview. It’s really a documentary, assembled from four meetings. I’m not going to talk about how the film or not, in the end, it is a matter for each individual. But this is not an interview. Stone, of course, a major filmmaker, but he can’t interview, it’s not his profession”, – said Vladimir Putin.
Познер раскритиковал Стоуна после выхода фильма о Путине

The opinion of the presenter about Oliver stone-the interviewer shared by many users of social networks. They believe that the Director did not ask the source difficult or uncomfortable questions, and did not try to catch it on contradictions, how often do members of the media. Among those who criticized the work of the stone, was a journalist Marina Queen.

Познер раскритиковал Стоуна после выхода фильма о Путине“Present “out of the profession” is, of course, Oliver stone. Some of this shame may probably be explained by the fact that he’s not a journalist, Director, producer, writer, etc. Well, and make a film, why take the interview? (…) But still a great idea to call some number and say: “I said so.” That is right to admit that you prepared the material, gave the summary. And you didn’t even check! What an awesome antirebate, really,” said she, accompanying your post as an example of dialogue from the movie stone.

We also add that in early June, correspondent, NBC Megyn Kelly took a high-profile interview with Vladimir Putin. Speaking about the work of the American journalist, Oliver stone allowed himself some criticism in its address. “I think that she was attractive and asked difficult questions, but was not able to argue or contradict him, because did not know much,” said the Director.