Portrait of Vera Glagoleva: strong, strict and sentimental

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная People’s artist of Russia, who on Wednesday died on 62-m to year of life, until the last day concealed his terrible diagnosis from the public. Death Vera Glagoleva was a heavy blow for her family. “StarHit” remembers what was star and what she was fond of.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

On Wednesday, fans of Russian cinema shocked the news of the death of Vera Glagoleva. 61-year-old actress bravely struggled with cancer, trying to hide from the General public of their illness. For those who for years followed the life and work of actress and Director, the message about her departure was a real blow. The Network has spread the word of sorrow and condolences to the family. People from all over the country sincerely empathize with the relatives of a celebrity and I can’t believe in its demise.

Forever glowing, blooming, sensual and deep, Vera Glagoleva was for millions of viewers of our country a model of femininity and at the same time force. A unique kind of actress – a combination of external fragility and yet the amazing integrity and energy made her a star of cinema. Until the last day Vera Vitalyevna preferred not to publicize information about their illness.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная “You gave us the joy of his films and just chatting and never charged us with their problems and ailments, and the even more unexpected was your care. But the heat of the sun, coming from you, it will warm us for a long time. Deep condolences from our family to all families of Faith,” – said Maxim Galkin.

Producer Natalia Ivanova, who worked with Vera Glagoleva, said that the death star was a complete surprise to her colleagues.

Friends Vera Glagoleva on recent meetings and unsaid words

“Today I was called by Kirill shubsky, her husband, and said, “an Hour ago he was not of Faith”. The sense of loss, shock, words can not convey. (…) In June was very difficult shooting in the town of Aleksin near Tula. Faith felt normal. She worked 12 hours a day, everything went according to schedule, the minute. Faith – a man of iron will, a fighter with a strong character, especially in matters relating to work”, – said the woman.

First talk about disease, people’s artist of Russia arose at the end of may. Then it was alleged that Vera Glagoleva undergoing treatment for cancer in a clinic. Later the actress denied the rumors, saying that they are not true. The star noted that is their way of life and working on a new project. In addition, Glagoleva urged the public to pay attention to her work, not the condition.


After about a month and a half after emergence in mass media of data on the deteriorating health of Vera Glagoleva to attend the wedding of his daughter Anastasia Subsky. Many have found that woman looks amazing. The actress had a great time, rejoicing in the company of loved ones. Footage of Glagoleva sings in the company of soloists of group “Ivanushki International”, spread all over the Internet. It seemed that the artist is everything wonderful, and about any illness and speech can not go.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Vera Glagoleva is generally always taken great care of their health and trying to stick to a diet. Even during pregnancy the actress was usually gained only baby weight. The woman believed that she got lucky with genetics. In addition, Glagoleva with youth led an active lifestyle. Passive sitting within four walls she’d prefer active games in the fresh air.

“I was a Tomboy, friends with classmates brother Boris. We played for hours in all kinds of outdoor games like cops and robbers, I was even the Keeper of a domestic soccer team. Here calories and burned”, – said the actress.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Grandma was trying to feed her granddaughter and even prepared a special cocktail “to raise the appetite” with cocoa and aloe juice, but it was to no avail. Neighbors of the family walked Faith and her brother Boris puzzled glances. They genuinely could not understand what the secret to their thinness. Over the years, the situation has not changed – in his youth, the actress weight was 45 kilograms and the height is 164 cm. Only once Glagoleva gave up the slack and suddenly started to gain weight. As a result, the Faith V. reduce the portions of food consumed and returned to the old form.

Glagoleva said that she likes skinny people. So she controlled the family and forbade them to overeat. Vera Glagoleva believed that human health depends on his weight.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная “I always followed the daughters, then for her grandchildren, they did not grew fat. Hold the position of pediatrician Benjamin Spock believed that healthy child intuitively knows how much to eat. I’m sure when the child is not overfed, will grow up he will tell my parents thank you,” explained the star.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Sometimes the actress could even raise the voice and strictly pull up relatives. “Stop there!” – she might say daughters Vera Glagoleva. Moreover, the older the heiress of celebrity Anna nahapetova went to ballerina. A young woman, spent hours standing at the bench, we had to constantly keep myself in shape. Therefore, she could not afford to relax and enjoy pancakes with sour cream, as did the mother and her younger sister Maria.

However, Vera Glagoleva did not attend a fitness club or pool. The actress was hard to catch on the cardio, she preferred to ride a bike, play with his grandchildren in soccer or doing yoga. Over the years, have put the artist, you need to limit your calorie intake. So she didn’t eat flour and sweet, but also gave up meat.


Of course, such strict discipline is impossible without a strong character. Vera Glagoleva since childhood, fond of sports, to develop her inner core. In addition, the actress had a “guys” childhood.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная “The roots of power this is probably that I have an older brother who is almost three years older, and this hardening fights and every fight… I think I passed this school. Of course, we were friends, that’s understandable. But very so mutuzit each other. Of course, this moment and chat with his friends. I was not my mother’s daughter with toys and dolls. I was surrounded by boys. It’s football, Cossacks-robbers, all that,” said the star.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Thanks to his upbringing Glagoleva learned to set high goals and achieve them. The star wanted to demonstrate to the public that not only is she a good actress. In the 90s a celebrity took a picture of “Broken light.” Then Glagoleva was going through a very difficult period of her divorce from her first husband, Rodion by Nahapetova, once opened its cinema. But Vera Vitalyevna not journalists complained about problems in the family, but only complained that it was difficult to negotiate with the actors.

However, circumstances are such that the tape is not released. Therefore, Glagoleva was back on the other side of the camera only after 15 years on the film “Order”. After that, Vera Vitalievna more actively engaged in directing the activities and were able to get a certain height. In 2014, on the screens out the picture “Two women” with the participation of world-famous actor Ralph finnes. Glagoleva admitted that the artist was a difficult schedule, but he really liked the idea of the project, based on the Turgenev play “a month in the country”.

Gorgeous youth by Vera Glagoleva: how she broke into the hearts of the audience

A normal working day actress was built on a fixed schedule. The star spent a lot of time in the office and noted that the main thing for it is to support relatives.

“As corny as it sounds, I want good wins. To this end, we make art. To nourish the audience. Emotionally came out energized. This is very important for me positive energy. Everything I do – I am very critical of my relatives”, – said the celebrity.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Working on the film, Glagoleva could be very demanding towards colleagues. “Mom really I’m afraid all the artists on the set,” said the daughter of actress Anna in an interview. The star herself believed that we should give our work a hundred percent. “I don’t know why they are afraid. I think they realize that if I don’t achieve what I need… But they see on the screen the result. This, I think, the most important thing” – shared the actress.

“She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva


In June last year, Vera Glagoleva, and her daughter and grandchildren took part in the program “on Sundays” with Irina Muromtseva. The filming was warm, homely atmosphere. The star spoke about his plans and upcoming projects. Then the eldest son of the heiress of the celebrity’s Nahapetova Kirill said he did not want to be in a movie with his grandmother, and his brother Myron, on the contrary, expressed a desire to work with a close relative.

“Grandmother is very good. We love to drink her tea, play “Mafia”, – told the grandson of the actress.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

At the same time, Vera Glagoleva could be demanding, and even strict mother and grandmother. The woman rarely did compliments to their daughters, so they do not become conceited. The actress tried to follow the education of the heirs, considering that they have to grow with the right life goals.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная “I don’t like to spoil their children, don’t like it. We just differently educated. Mom was picky to me. Father admired in all its manifestations. Mom never told me I did a good job. Never. Not that abused, just not wanted. Not to conceited. I did not suffer from this,” said star.

Vera Vitalyevna believed that each was busy with his business. So the actress didn’t always allow myself some kind of tenderness towards kids.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная “I’m not a good grandmother with the grandkids and reads them books at night… they have one of the parents,” thought star.


Vera Vitalyevna did not deny that he has a perfect character. But over the years the star has learned from their mistakes and changed her attitude to life. The actress was thought to have become wiser. At the same time, the actress is almost always considered himself right, so it was painful to publicly confess to the opposite.

“Understood, what is more important that you remain what you have in Luggage. It is important not to avoid mistakes, but try to do it. (…) I generally monstrous, horrible. When I do not understand, for example, the actors with whom I work, I’m behaving. But it was two times only, I still feel ashamed. Looking back I always say and I apologize. In life for me to ask forgiveness very difficult,” said the celebrity.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Even such a strict woman like Vera Glagoleva, at times felt weak and unprotected. And often this did not happen because of life circumstances. “I’m sentimental. Oddly enough, in my life, I cry less from something than what I kind of the story took over,” commented star.

During the meeting with Yulia Menshovoj Vera Glagoleva admitted that sometimes annoyed her. The actress went through a divorce with the first husband Rodion by Nahapetova. The Director said that his feelings for the actress suddenly died away. What was happening in their family events artist named drama.

“In life there are some things that hurt and then beat you. You this pain… Then harder to endure the pain. Then it is very hard when you step on some moments. If a bit with a cool head… Women, not rastvoryayas men, you do not rastvoryayas. Because then it hurts that’s all” – shared Vera Vitalevna.
Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная

Glagoleva believed that in the modern world there are many such stories, where the men throw the second halves. “She is alone with children, and they are all the same,” said star. The actress admitted that to get out of depression-induced breakup, helped her favorite work.

Портрет Веры Глаголевой: сильная, строгая и сентиментальная “I still have something to do. I was also a profession. I started the movie, I went into it. Hopelessness from what you have alone with your children and do not know how to live further”, – said the star.

Few people know, but Vera Vitalievna was another sore spot. The actress did not have time to talk with parents who passed away. Remembering loved ones, Glagoleva started to cry. Before that, the woman thought, and made a big pause. The star was not easy to answer the questions of Julia Menshovoj.

“Not… Not… Back. With parents. With my parents we did not just. Have mediaspree the father, the mother… Thinking that there is always time. About everything, about life, about grandfather, about my grandmother. We did not. Thought I’d catch,” said the artist.

Prepared according to the publication 7days.ru, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, as well as programs of the First channel “Alone with all” and “on Sundays”.