Portrait of the younger daughter Ekaterina Klimova has caused controversy in the Network

Портрет младшей дочки Екатерины Климовой вызвал споры в Сети
The actress congratulated her with birthday.

Портрет младшей дочки Екатерины Климовой вызвал споры в Сети

Bella Meskhi

Photo: @klimovagram Instagram

Catherine velichenko with daughter Bella

Photo: @Instagram vulichenko

The family of Ekaterina Klimova celebrated an important family occasion. The younger daughter of actress — Bella was two years old. On this occasion was organized a small party, to which were invited only close friends Catherine and her husband, Gela Meskhi.

In honor of an important event Klimova published online a rare portrait of a younger daughter. Fans marvelled from how to look stylish on holiday little Bella. Fans unanimously awarded her the title of “most young ladies of the country.” By the way, in the comments they got into an argument on who of the parents Bella more like: dad or mom? “Doll-like… Unreal girl, just like her mother!”, “You look just like dad was — the same facial features”, “Genes dad’s manifested… just a copy!”, “And that’s not true! Similar to Catherine in childhood”, — bet fans.

Congratulated his daughter Catherine and her godmother — actress Catherine velichenko. She personally got to see the birthday girl in her birthday and gave her a gift.

Incidentally, for a long time, Klimova and her husband had hid his daughter from fans. She basically did not publish the photos of Bella in the Network. But the actress recently revised his views and declassified it. By the way, many stars prefer to hide from the public their children, some, for example, Victoria Dayneko manages to keep secret even the names of the heirs.