Портрет Бейонсе попадет в Национальную галерею США

Porter singer Beyonce, made for the September issue of British Vogue will soon become one of the exhibits of the Smithsonian national portrait gallery United States. On twitter he told the author — Tyler Mitchell.

“A year ago we had a breakthrough. Now I am happy again to share with you the photo that was purchased for the permanent collection of the Smithsonian national gallery,” — said the photographer.

Tyler Mitchell is the first black photographer who shot the cover of Vogue for the 125-year history of the publication. That work will be taken to the Museum – the most important event in the life of a photographer, which he noted in the social network.

A portrait in which beyoncé posing in a gold dress Valentino and Philip Treacy hat, called “Look at your aura”. The national gallery is not misleading, when visitors will be able to contemplate the portrait.

Curator of the Museum confirmed the purchase of a portrait of Beyonce and admitted that they are impressed with this work because of the singer, said in an interview with Vogue. We will remind that then in an interview with reporters, Beyonce openly talked about the difficult birth, his “imperfect” body, complex life and accepting yourself:

“A month before the birth I spent in bed. My health and the health of children was threatened, so the doctor prescribed me an emergency C-section”.

“By the ninth month of pregnancy, I weighed almost 100 kilograms. Still I was not able to return to your arms, shoulders and thighs to the former forms. I have a small belly left after pregnancy, but I’m in no hurry to get rid of it. Yes, I have folds of fat. And I think it’s normal.”

“Life is a journey. I went through hell to get there and back. And I’m grateful for every scar. I survived infidelity and discord in many different ways. I have had disappointments in relationships, and in personal. Every time I felt a sense of desolation and humiliation. But I’ve learned to rise above it, learn to grow, to go on.”

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