Popular radio host Arthur Bits died in Moscow

Популярный радиоведущий Артур Битов скончался в Москве Speaker stations “Mayak-24” and RELAX FM died in the 52nd year. According to preliminary data, the cause of death of Arthur Bitov became warmly-vascular insufficiency. Fans and colleagues of the men expressed condolences to the relatives of celebrities.

      Популярный радиоведущий Артур Битов скончался в Москве

      Today, April 18, the public became aware of the death capital of the famous radio broadcaster Arthur Bitov. The last few years he was the official voice of several major fm waves, as well as of the TV channel “DTV”. In addition, the speaker was in demand in the advertising world. It can be heard in promotional videos of many popular brands.

      From the eighth to the ninth of April, the relatives and friends of the men sounded the alarm, discovering that Arthur does not go with them. They went to the police with a statement about his disappearance, and asked for volunteers to help in the search. Only two days later Arthur was discovered in Moscow, Novokosinskaya street. The wife of the host identified him at the morgue. According to preliminary data, the man died from heart failure.

      On the page of Arthur in the “Facebook” friends, colleagues and fans of the voices of men write dozens of messages. They leave in the comments the words of support to relatives and friends of the presenter, as well as share their experiences with him. You can see how the users of social networks are in care of a celebrity.

      “How disappointing. We are the last crew that worked with Arthur a Bit. Planned to go to one of his master class at the end of April. Light memory!”, “We studied in parallel classes. Kind, sympathetic, a good student, always wanted to be an actor. I recently talked. So sorry. The bright memory of…”, “I can’t believe… Recently talked, laughed, discussed professional matters… the Kingdom of heaven. Sincere condolences to all relatives and close friends,” wrote concerned.

      One of podeschi Arthur has published a history of Dating men. It turned out that one well-known radio host visited the city of Nalchik, where he lived journalist, took his interview. The girl confessed what was left impressed by the communication with the idol, and wanted to see the Bit again.

      “We talked a lot about work. She was clearly the love of his life. Our meeting lasted only an hour, but we were fascinated by his velvet voice, wanted to listen and listen. 7 APR Arthur called me and said, “Luda, you are on my page in FB lay out, please, material, with beautiful description, you are a professional…” Then I received a message very touching, the video beauty of the earth the classical music… I posted our work, but later… Arthur didn’t see it. I was looking forward to his professional assessment, and was hoping to meet at the end of April the master class the art of speech,” wrote a fan.