Популярный блогер Мария Самарина: "Свадьба не дает гарантии на счастье"
What if instead of the expected tales of life together turned into a real quest with trials and difficulties, and the routine is ruined romance?

Популярный блогер Мария Самарина: "Свадьба не дает гарантии на счастье"

International expert on working with the subconscious, blogger, entrepreneur Maria Samarina shares techniques that will help to restore harmony in relationships.

– Many couples are faced with the fact that after the wedding, the romance in the relationship quickly fizzles. As not to aggravate the situation?

– Definitely not worth putting up a fight with tears and demands “to return all as before”. Any conflict only alienate you from each other, recommends blogger Maria Samarin. – It is important not to dwell on negative thoughts and memories that the chosen one did not, and when offended. In no case do not compare your partner with the spouses of friends or relatives being upset, it’s very easy to decide what is “your” by far the worse. Thanks to this attitude, the negative is accumulated, reaching a critical point, falls on the husband. So there is a huge wall of alienation, to overcome that very difficult.

– What is the secret of family happiness?

– Everyone wants to be loved, to feel an emotional connection with your partner, to confirm that it is appreciated, says entrepreneur Mary Samarin. – It is important to train your subconscious mind, your thoughts – so that the focus of attention was always focused on the positive qualities of the partner. Remember where the thought is there and the energy there and the result. If you focus on the fact that her husband is “not so”, it will inevitably begin to show only their negative properties. But if you play the game “good notice, telling him that I’m happy,” when he manifests himself in the negative, then you will nurture it the bright side.

And second, very important part: the realization that the husband is your mirror. No wonder they say: “Two of a kind”. Partner mirroring any of your pain points (“I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m a bad mother”), or relays the negative beliefs that you still have. The task of each person to become easier to perceive external events as a tool for growth. Consider that your spouse is the best exercise to become clearer and wiser.
These two steps will lay a strong Foundation of mutual respect, support and harmony, which are essential to maintain the warmth and trust in relationships.

Популярный блогер Мария Самарина: "Свадьба не дает гарантии на счастье"

But it’s hard to focus on the positive at the time of quarrels, fatigue, or misunderstandings in couples?

– Women’s purpose is to harmonize relations in the family, – says the author of a blog about life in the Stream and anti-castigatori Maria Samarin. – Have good technique “bowl of pebbles” in our mind set on the table a glass container and every time when your partner made you something good, put a colored stone. The amount of good deeds are not important: time has washed dishes, served Slippers, warmed by the tea – all this is a reason to put a new stone in a vase. Then, even during an argument you will have “the anchor” that will help you remember about the best events in your life.

– People tend to forget past events, even good. That will help remind them?

– It should have a “gratitude Journal”. Write down the merits of the elect, his good deeds, warm and joyful moments – all that gives you a sense of fullness and happiness. You will be able to go over my notes, explains Maria Samarina, the author of unique techniques “Da Vinci”. – Sincere praise and gratitude will magically transform your relationship, causing a reciprocal feeling. And where there is reciprocity and a desire to please the partner, no place for routine, depression and quarrels.

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