Poplavskaya, Presnyakov and Panayotov against Buzova

Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову Famous TV host and aspiring singer has become the object of lively debate. Compositions by Olga Buzova leaves few people indifferent. Some laugh at her or being sarcastic, and others are severely criticized.
Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову

Olga Buzova is one of the most talked about person in the Russian show-business. Since then, as the girl began to conquer the music industry, the number of critics has increased markedly. Discuss celebrity not subside. Someone accuses Olga the desire to stand out at any price, others believe that it is insufficiently intellectually developed. At the same time, Olga believes that her main trump card – the sincerity, and fans of the TV presenter and aspiring singer ready to repel all who dare to attack their idol.

Remembering that now, as said Yana Rudkovskaya, is the era of Buzova, “StarHit” gathered some resonant statements – as the ultimate, and ironic, about the activities of celebrities that provoked a lively discussion in the Network.

Yana Poplavskaya: “Dress like a woman from a brothel”

At the recent capital awards Music Box Olga Buzova appeared in a daring way that suited the taste is not all. So, the actress Yana Poplavskaya did not like the appearance of the presenter, came out on the red carpet in a sheer jumpsuit, which can be considered underwear. In the same outfit in front of the eyes of the public appeared and Anna Grachevskaya, but the actress decided to speak only about Buzova.

“It’s not that it seems a pity, as this dress is for reception of clients at the brothel, and that nobody stops and not thrown out with the Moscow events”, – categorically said Jan.

To protect Olga rose, former participant of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev. He felt that Poplavskaya is extremely unfair to the presenter and even suspected her in envy.

Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову“You know, I often come on the capital’s parties and never seen them to Yana. Probably because they go the people to call, not women, who spew hatred. I am afraid that now this is her fate – to pour slops on young beautiful girls, walking along the red carpet events, which Poplavskaya no one expects” – shared the sun with “StarHit”.

Natasha Krasnova: “Buzova, don’t sing!”

Beauty blogger and resident “Comedy battle” Natasha Krasnov are unable to stay away from discussions about the contribution of Olga Buzova in modern Russian culture. The young woman decided to write a humorous song, dedicated to the musical career of the presenter, and presented the clip on it. The track “Buzova don’t sing” was the debut for alter-ego Krasnova Black Russian Mama and scored 1.4 million views on YouTube – a great start for a new project.

Resident “Comedy battle” explained why publicly humiliated Olga Buzova

“When I came to Russia, I was amazed – you have the greatest writers such as Olga Buzova. And you have an incredibly cool designers, for example, Olga Buzova. And, of course, the mesmerising vocal talent, one of which is sensual timbre soprano Olga Buzova. So its the first track I dedicate to this person… so that there is man – woman with a capital “W,” – said Krasnov.
Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову

At the same time, another resonant example of folk art, written under the influence hits Olga Buzova, scored 2.2 million views on YouTube. The composition of the MC Tolyan “Little brains” helped the works to win the hearts of Internet users. By the way, the video for this track was the only roller in the channel of a young man whose views counter data amounts with six zeros.

Oksana Tarasova: “the Voice of a man afflicted with sinusitis”

Ex-wife of midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov Oksana Osinkin did not want in any way to hurt Olga Buzova. As suggested by the woman, the true worker, which presents high-quality clips. Moreover, Oksana following the work of star and believes that she has achieved. However, as recently noted Osinkin, vocals Buzova there is one serious drawback. Apparently, this is the conclusion she came to after watching the video for the song “Hit parade”.

“I have no OLE, no offense, quite the contrary. About the last song Oli – I liked the clip, she’s beautiful in a red hat, she’s good. But she has the voice of a man who is ill with sinusitis. Well, sorry, guys. Treating her well, but the voice it is necessary to tighten… I Olga not hurt, she’s fine, only the voice it is necessary to tighten… Yes, Olga star. No, I won’t talk to her, but watching her work,” Osinkin said during a live broadcast.

At the same time for some social media users review Oksana was a surprise, because earlier she ambiguously spoke about the divorce of the former husband. Then Osinkin asked whether it was true that Tarasov was unfaithful to her and supposedly cheated with a TV star.

Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову“That’s ancient history, is totally not interesting to me. I think all clearly and so. My life will not change, and someone can hopelessly fail the PR concept of the great universal suffering and “injustice” of fate. So let’s leave this question unanswered,” wrote Oksana in one of social networks a few months ago.

Alexander Panayotov: “Why celebrate a leading reality show, decided to sing”

Olga Buzova is often criticized for vocal abilities. However, the star did not give up and continues to work much over itself. One time she even gave advice to the singer Elena Temnikova, which often extends a helping hand to colleagues in show business. Among those who spoke about the singing of Olga Buzova, was the finalist of the fifth season of the vocal show “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov. The artist mentioned well-known leading, discussing the results of the musical award “Grammy”.

“How polar our musical worlds, the Gulf between us… Beyonce, Adele, what is there really to say? Beautiful and young singer Jacob Collier, who was spotted on Instagram the legendary Quincy Jones, has received two Grammy awards, not because daddy paid for. (…) And we all celebrated leading reality show, which suddenly decided to sing… what to do? PS Nothing personal to Olga do not have. She’s a great girl, professional, leading. But still, I believe that music and singing have to do for a career. Sorry if someone was offended”, – said Panayotov.
Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову

Apparently, the publication of Alexander provoked accusations against him from fans Olga. So Panayotov decided to turn off comments to the post.

Dmitry Malikov: “Carve shameless wench”

The singer Dmitry Malikov actively conquering the youth audience. “Twitter” by more than 850 thousand followers who appreciate him for his ability subtle and witty to speak about several high-profile events. Once people’s artist of Russia looked candid video Olga Buzova and Nastya Curls for the song “too hot” and was so impressed that he decided to make a joke in his microblog.

Nastya Curls: “Olga Buzova cool, but she doesn’t have to boast”

“Caught the eyes of the tsarist clip Buzova… And therefore commanded: “by the decree of the Royal whip at the stables ol’ku Aki shameless girl in order to discourage others!” – said Malikov.
Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову

Tweet Dmitry has garnered over eight thousand likes and over two hundred comments. Later, the journalists even contacted Malikov to comment on his “attack” on Buzova. Laughing, the singer told that he did not want to criticize anyone, but only commented ironically on new work colleagues on show business. Dmitry also urged the public not to take seriously his jokes.

Yuri Khovanskiy “Prohibit Buzova entry to Russia”

Popular video blogger that has worked with Dmitry Malikov, too, is an active user of Twitter, which often share their thoughts on a particular occasion. Of course, without humor in his Khovansky is not complete. Sometimes Yuri can be harsh in their judgments, but the fans are always sympathetic to his statements.

“Buzova brought in “black list” in Ukraine during a trip to the Crimea. Tell me where to send Olga to her and banned entry to Russia?” – shared blogger in June.

Publication Khovanskii gave rise to discussions among Internet users. Some followers Yuriy demonstrated his sense of humor and offered different options destinations for Buzova. “Advice bloggers”, “Alaska”, “the village,” “And she’s rich? To the moon”, “Let’s leave her alone on Mars under the pretext of pioneer from the US, She will go to any country where there is a plaque with the inscription “House-2”, – discussed in the Network.

While some supported the blogger, while others reproached him and tried to shame a joke about Buzova. “Where to send Khovansky?”, “Why are you so treat her,” wrote the outraged defenders of the presenter.

Nikita Presnyakov: “I Have no words”

Grandson of Alla Pugacheva enjoys rock and calls one of their idols Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. According to Nikita Presnyakov, he does not perceive a lighter “pop” music. During one of the live broadcasts in the “Instagrame” the young man asked to answer the question about the work of Olga Buzova. Speaking about the star, Nikita chose not to get personal, but limited review on its activities as a singer.

“I have no words. I don’t want to hurt this person, maybe she’s a good person, but you can’t do that. With the music now anyway, so why even pouring the vodka into the fire,” said Presnyakov.
Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову

By the way, later the leader of the rock band Multiverse spoke about pop artists and gave the example of Nikolai Baskov. Nick asked Internet users to stop giving him a variety of professional tips, comparing with other artists. “Guys, if you fans Boskovich-tanaskovic, do not listen to this music and do not understand it, meaning that anything at all to write?” – was indignant Presnyakov. Later, Nikolay admitted that this quote does not hurt. Moreover, with the singer contacted Vladimir Presnyakov, saying that Nikita is not thought to hurt anyone, but merely sharing their opinion.

Svetlana Loboda: “Buzova working for those who can’t read, to think, to look for”

In July, Svetlana Loboda provoked public conflict with fans of Olga Buzova. Speaking to reporters, the Ukrainian pop diva speculate about the realities of show business. Many thought that the words of the artist about the fans of TV presenter and aspiring singer as “people who do not have the ability to read, to watch, to think, to search for it” are offensive. Inflamed grave scandal.

“In a big country, very diverse population. And it’s mostly people who are not able to read, to watch, to think, to seek. They earn money, hard earn, they need to feed the children, make a life and occasionally to something to be distracted. They cannot be blamed. I think Olga Buzova for such. I see that she tries, looking for images, change costumes, put the dance numbers. Download her singles on iTunes so it is necessary for someone, this should not be taken lightly”, said Loboda.

A few days later, Olga responded to the words of Svetlana. Buzova said that can not give offense to their fans. The star described the categories of people who are addicted to her work, and published a video with one of the performances. Then Olga sang along with the crowds.

Поплавская, Пресняков и Панайотов ополчились на Бузову“Svetlana, I’m loyal to your people, just as they are to me. Therefore, I ask you, as a thinking man, having the ability to read and to think, at least to continue to refuse such loud, unreasonable and untruthful statements. I never divided people on social and financial grounds, and with equal force love all my fans: as a person from the Russian hinterland, without any education and people with private houses and yachts and Harvard education. Because love has no boundaries and cannot be measured by a Bank account, a number of diplomas and the books we read” – shared Buzova.

Later in the conflict between the performers stepped Gluk’oza. The actress said that respects to Svetlana and Olga. “I love quinoa, its songs and art in General. Not only that, she is clever and beautiful, and fantastic work ethic!” – said Natalia Ionova. As for Buzova, Gluk’oza sure she did a great job and is not going to stop there.

“She gets a buzz from what happens in her life, and it certainly attracts. In addition, she has a great capacity for even the actions of the detractors to turn in their favor, it should learn. But honestly, now Buzova – more about business than about creativity, which, I think, is not enough. But I believe in it,” said Natalia.