Попа Глюк'оZы оказалась в центре скандала

Members of the singer criticized her for her candid video.

Gluk’oza, the singer and mother of two daughters, not for the first time under attack for the love of Frank’s outfits. Moreover, she just loves to show the dignity of the figure in candid pictures. And each time gets a solid dose of criticism. But this only egged…

Now she is resting with family in Spain and regularly puts in Instagram beach photo and video. One of them called subscribers just a flurry of indignation. It Glyuk’oza dancing in a swimsuit on the beach, showing off on Cam ass. About which she once sang a song with the words: “And I have the most beautiful OPA…” What happened…

“That’s all I watch and wonder: twist backwards, all the time half naked all the time vulgar poses. Well, you’re a mom! You children are adults. You can also well, at least a little more modest! Husband suffers?! Such a solid is the age he”, “Well, how can…” – angry people.

The other half of the subscribers came to the defense of the stars: “a Great figure, swimsuit is gorgeous! If you have something to show, why not show?! All walk the beach in bathing suits, beaches General, and it does not bother anyone. Shame on those who have the sides hanging down and visible cellulite. And everything is great! Continue to enjoy life, Natasha, and ignore the negative!”

Others reasoned that such behavior is acceptable, if only my husband liked. And her husband obviously like, if he’s still not banned Natalia so ostentatiously, to show off the figure.

Video posted by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) Aug 11 2016 9:16 PDT

And you, being the star, would put the candid photos on the net?

  • No way! It is indecent and vulgar
  • No. I would like to appreciate for the talent, not elastic ass
  • If it is beautiful, why not?
  • This is my blog and make it what you want
  • Other (write in comments)

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