“Poor Valerie”: Borisova sorry pregnant Kudryavtsev

«Бедная Лерочка»: Борисова пожалела беременную Кудрявцеву
This statement refuted the rumors that the “fake stomach”.

Lera Kudryavtseva and Oskar Kuchera on the set of “Stars aligned”

Photo: @Instagram danaborisova_official Dana Borisova

As soon as it became aware of the fact that Lera Kudryavtseva is expecting her second child, in secular circles spread various rumors. Often meet the assumption that the TV presenter allegedly mimics pregnancy. There is a perception that the firstborn of Valeria and her husband Igor Makarov carrying surrogate mother, and she Kudryavtseva is… invoice stomach. Just a few hours ago with presenter Dana Borisova was found that ferreted out some details about “provisions” Kudryavtseva.

Dana came to the shooting of the program “the Stars aligned”, which are the leading Kudryavtseva and Oskar Kuchera. Borisov spoke about the problems arising in connection with pregnancy Lera. The format of the TV show suggests that the Studio guests sit on special couches, and leading standing in the center of the Studio and lead a conversation with participants. Shooting the same program are not less than four hours. Valerie and Oscar can sit down to relax on the sofa only during short breaks.

“I’m for the second consecutive time in the Studio this transmission. It is unique in that it is in the air for about two hours, so the shooting stars are locked up in the Studio and kept so for about four hours! Poor Lera! She is on her feet without rest for four hours,” sorry for leading Dana.

However, judging by the shots from the shoot, Valerie is now sitting on the couch and during the recording of the broadcast, not only during breaks, which suggests that Kudryavtseva herself carrying the baby. By the way, in favor of this version and typed in a movie star excess weight, and avoiding alcohol and high heels in everyday life. By the way, recently there was an official information that on June 8 the ler will lead a long ceremony “MUZ-TV 2018”. It will have three partners who will be able to replace it in fatigue or unforeseen circumstances: Maxim Galkin, Dmitry Nagiyev and Ksenia Sobchak.