Poll: every third Russian girl dreams of marrying Putin

Опрос: каждая третья россиянка мечтает выйти за Путина

The editors of Woman’s Day conducted a survey and found that the majority of inhabitants of our wide and vast like to be the first lady.

This is the strong half of mankind after the traditional “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin discussed the issues of politics and Economics. Beautiful the women in our wide and vast drawn to another news. Like what? Of course, about the first lady!

“Recently the Newspapers wrote that your ex-wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna married. And when you introduce the first lady of our country?” – recall, asked the head of state during the event.

Mr Putin answered the question evasively. Like, my personal life is not the paramount issue for the state, but hinted that soon, perhaps, will delight us with interesting news (read here).

Intrigue? So it’s even better! Judging by the survey conducted on the occasion by the website Woman’s day, every third Russian girl dreams of becoming wife of the President.

Yes! This is not a joke! Among the readers who participated in our survey, nearly 40 percent answered the question his approval. Maybe others would not mind. Only here the reasons they have proved to be very significant.

“I am married. No I but beloved spouse, do not need,” – said 25 percent of respondents. Well, rightly so!

Another 20 percent complained about the constant trips of the President. They say, “honey should next be, rather than driving around the country.”

And only 12 per cent of girls considered themselves unworthy.

“Where is he? And where am I?” – said the Respondent.

Anyway, while the name of the lady of Vladimir Putin kept secret, every Russian Luch a glimmer of hope. Well, at least somewhere very deep down. It turned out, did not lie Verka Serduchka and group “Viagra”. Even if you are a little over 30, there is a hope to marry the Prince!

And you would like to become first lady?

Take a survey HERE!

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