Polina Griffis complained of privacy in the broadcast of the First channel

Полина Гриффис пожаловалась на личную жизнь в эфире Первого канала
The ex-soloist of group “A Studio” made a sensation on the recording of the program “Fashion verdict”.

Polina Griffis

Singer Polina Griffis came
the shooting program of the First channel “Fashion sentence” as a fashion
expert and suddenly open up. The singer admitted that she did not
manage to rebuild their personal lives and have long forgotten what love is.

“In private life I have
empty, — said Pauline. — The farther into the forest, the more wood. I don’t understand
anything and always say: “Give me the manual to personal relationships”. I don’t know
people fall in love, how they do it. Can’t even imagine now, as
someone you can hug and kiss, and how it in itself to include, I do not

Recall that Pauline twice
been married. First husband-American she got a sonorous name, and from
the second musician Thomas Christiansen — broken heart… In 2002 she fell in love and
even married with a Danish lead singer of the band N evergreen, but their marriage was short-lived. Through
one and a half years Pauline has gone from Thomas, who began to beat his wife, addicted
to alcohol.