Polina Gagarina worried about his daughter’s health

Полина Гагарина переживает за здоровье своей дочери
The singer decided in advance to prevent a problem.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarina is concerned about the health of your
daughter, MIA. And although at the moment the baby is not in danger, as the singer
caring mother decided to prevent potential problems, and followed the recommendations of an experienced doctor to avoid allergic reactions. This
the disease may appear at any age.

“Go to sleep, and
although the picture I have a smile and a plush Bunny in the shower is always a place
anxiety — shared star. Because we, young mothers, terribly afraid of everything
the health of babies. For example, children’s allergies — afraid of her! Though
seemingly innocuous thing, well, dust some, well, will. And no, I
the pediatrician immediately after birth, MIA said that it’s not so simple! For example,
did you know that right now Allergy suffers every third kid in the world? Or why
there is an Allergy in babies on breast milk? What to do if periodically
blush cheeks? In General, I decided to deal with the Allergy until the end and to
answers from specialist doctor-immunologist”.

By the way, fans
Gagarina think she’s a perfect mother. For example, when Pauline and her husband
Dmitry Iskhakov was celebrating a wedding anniversary, the most common wish was
giving birth to another daughter or son.