Полина Гагарина понесет Олимпийский огонь в Рио

Despite all the scandals in which were involved Russian sports team, the Olympic games in Brazil, some athletes still made their way.

The competition should start soon. And while under final preparation for this event, the domestic Sports Federation decided on the name Russians, which will carry the Olympic flame.

Good news Pauline shared on the social network page. “I’m going to Rio and participate in the Olympic torch relay with one purpose – to support our athletes in a very difficult time for them. Today it is especially important to emphasize that the Olympic Flame and the Olympic Games are a symbol of not only the competition between countries for superiority and victory, but first and foremost a symbol of solidarity, justice, peace and friendship. For this idea I and it is a great honor for me,” the singer wrote.

we will remind, from-for scandal with doping, this time from participating in the Olympics suspended Russian athletes, including not going to the Rio Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva.

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