Polina Gagarina village on a diet

Полина Гагарина села на диету
After the birth of the second child the singer has had to radically change the principles of nutrition.

Polina Gagarina


After my second child was born Polina Gagarina had to radically change the principles of nutrition. “To quickly bring yourself into shape, I had to refuse to eat after six evenings, — says Polina. — It turned out that it really helps: you feel much lighter and more comfortable, and in the morning the feeling of hunger makes you get up earlier than usual — and you have time to do much more.” However, the main reason why the artist began so early to rise, still not hungry, and my daughter.

“Again the time has come when I started to Wake up together with the child either from crying or from the fact that MIA is yelling vengeance songs that I sing her to sleep — with a smile said Pauline. Now my day consistently starts at eight in the morning, in the winter it is doubly difficult, because it’s so dark outside and no sun.”

By the way, in
a recent holiday spent in the Maldives, Pauline still recovered: the Onan was limited in anything, and sports, if
quite honestly, I did not. All this hastened to affect the figure

“I will not say how many pounds recovered — with horror says the singer. — Rested so rested!»

the first day after the return of the stars from holiday visited her coach. And
immediately proceeded to business. He forced Pauline to walk on his hands across
to do a burpee, jump, run, and then even go out and,
despite the snow, the exercise and there. Due to the fact that the daughter
singer is still very small, she cannot afford once again to go
from home to the gym, so workouts are always at home and in the yard.