Polina Gagarina took care of the health of your child

Полина Гагарина позаботилась о здоровье своего ребенка
The singer shared a recipe for how to strengthen children’s immunity.

The Son Of Polina Gagarina Andrew

Polina Gagarina incredibly happy that her son Andrew
like to lead a healthy lifestyle. Nine-year-old boy loves to lie on
prickly mats that not peculiar to each adult.

Anyway, the singer does not get tired to rejoice that her Ondrik
(the star affectionately calls the son), from the first day fell in love with massage pad and
the pillow, whose surface consists of sharp plates that improve
blood circulation back and have a beneficial effect on the human body as a whole. “It’s amazing
but Ondrik these sharp Lotus is not afraid, — says Polina. — Enjoys
live with pleasure from the very first day I saw! And every time I
glad to see that back son “in good hands”, because
prevention is not exactly hurt! And massage is useful for immunity that
especially important in the spring. And by the way, this pad soothes even the most
hyperactive kids, you know?”

Pauline is also with a smile admitted that in their family routine
timetable using the massage Mat. “Treats and heals the whole family at a time,
— laughs Gagarin. Massage this rug is incredibly good.”