Polina Gagarina told what to do with those who criticize her

Полина Гагарина рассказала, что будет делать с теми, кто ее критикует

29-year-old Russian singer Polina Gagarin, and now again experiencing one of the happiest periods in a woman’s life. Secular observers believe that Pauline is pregnant, even though she herself does not comment on this.

But talking about the personal life of Gagarin can not be avoided.

Followers of Pauline in Instagram do not feed bread, give to criticize appearance, clothing, behavior stars. Today, Pauline decided to put all the malcontents in place and said that will continue to do with those who are negative about it comments: “Sometimes I read the comments and marvel dayus. Recent here, the girl writes me: “All you have spots of pigment, terrible, how can so to leave the house without makeup! “Shame, they say, and all that. I read all these troubles and decide to go to her profile and her profile says she’s the happiest wife, mother and generally most most happy. I think that this is suspicious. But “the luckiest” never write nasty things, she doesn’t have in mind such thoughts, and time…in General it is necessary to have a certain mindset and to feel very dissatisfied to vent their anger, throwing under a harmless photo artist or any other person. I have it blocked, as block all of these “happiest”. What, I repeat, negative energy comes back like a boomerang and has devastating consequences. Waste your precious time on the things good and useful! And thank you all adequate and intelligent people reading my “Instagram”. Thank you for your kind words and support,” shared the star.