Polina Gagarina told about unsuccessful holidays

Полина Гагарина поведала о неудачном отдыхе
Recently, the famous singer Polina Gagarina gave birth to adorable daughter MIA, and this summer the whole family went on vacation.

Полина Гагарина поведала о неудачном отдыхе

But this experience proved unsuccessful, and Pauline decided to share this with your followers. Vacation on the Cote d’azur was terrible, despite the fact that the hotel had a high rating and was not cheap.

Полина Гагарина поведала о неудачном отдыхе

“The hotel has a private beach, but very conditional, because there basically piers. We lived in a 4-beds 2 square meters on the sand — sunbeds were paid and towels, too, and they cost is not cheap. This fact I resented very much the 5 star hotel offers its guests to pay for a sunbed a tidy sum.

My husband went to the store for nursery water, diapers and fruit — this fact somehow were outraged reception. They believed that we should order a water at the hotel, and fruit even more so. Local restaurants were very expensive and the more popular they were, the less tasty it is fed…” – said Gagarin.

Despite all the disadvantages the family loved the scenery and clear sea, in which they spent a lot of time.

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