Polina Gagarina told about the birth of her second child

Полина Гагарина рассказала о рождении второго ребёнка

At the end of last week a famous singer Plina Gagarin could twice shock the audience. First, announced her pregnancy by posting a photo, which she revealed her big belly. It became clear that from day to day she and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov will become parents. Who would have thought that the second child of Pauline was born just a day after her revelations.

The first time after the birth of her daughter Polina and Dmitry enjoyed the moment, nobody is telling anything about the joyous event, nor about the sex of the child. Points over “i” put myself Gagarin, published on his page on the social network photo with the pink rain – my daughter said a few words about early days. Pauline thanked the staff and the doctors at the hospital where was born her second child.
“In this post on your page, and I want your own words to tell you about a magical event that happened in our family recently is the birth of a child…
There was no fear, nerves and unnecessary interventions. Only my husband and doctor who helped to be born to our little girl. Very attentive and responsive staff, not only professional doctors, but people who listened to my feelings and desires. Thank you for a comfortable stay, for your concern and care..
My dear readers, friends and fans! A special and most heartfelt thank you for your understanding and kindness. You are the best. Love” wrote Pauline.
Recall that the rumors about the pregnancy of Gagarin appeared in November last year, but Pauline and her husband Dmitry did not comment on them.