Polina Gagarina told about the abilities of newborn daughter

Полина Гагарина поведала о способностях новорожденной дочки
Just recently, Polina Gagarina and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov became parents of a beautiful girl.

Полина Гагарина поведала о способностях новорожденной дочки

Young parents are not told about the new addition to the family until recently.

But some time ago, Pauline, chatting with journalists, told about the achievements of his baby girl.

“MIA, unlike my son really likes it when I sing. Recently there was a clip on TV and she froze and started at all the eyes. Children now are completely different. They are so fast, that I don’t understand how is that even possible. That is all the indicators that should be in a month or three months, we all already know. Even scary. We started talking, cooing in the second week. I thought I misheard,” – said Gagarin.

Now she actively went solo and recording new songs.

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