Полина Гагарина рассказала о проблемах с полицией
The singer revealed details of his narration to a new video.

Photo: Instagram

One week clip-Polina Gagarina’s song “Disarmed” was viewed over 2 million people. These results can be proud of every artist!

In connection with such interest to its work, Gagarin decided to reveal some details of the narration with the filming of the video. Despite the fact that most videos are shot in the Studio, anyway the work was done enormous.

“The shooting of the clip — interesting and incredibly complicated process, — said the singer. — Few people know how many people are behind the scenes, how much time and effort the actors give, to create images that would please the audience. This video we shot 56 hours and one night. During that time I drank 7 liters of coffee and one bottle of champagne. In total I ran 700-800 meters, of which about 250 for 15-inch heels! It was lit more than 2,000 lanterns, and none of them broke. One time we even ran from the police and still waiting when we arrive. During the filming the track sounded 79 times. Now you understand why I don’t listen to your songs? The whole 2 hours I was laying on the concrete in a silk dress. Could be longer but the shooting ended. The shooting took place in the fall, so we pitched 17 kg of snow, but never blinded any snowman. I cried 4 times, one of them absolutely not on purpose. I changed three outfits and in the end completely undressed…”

Especially the singer’s fans were interested in the time of his escape from the police, because in the clip there is nothing associated with law enforcement. So it wasn’t in the story, and the crew really have problems! One of the highlights of the clip was shot on a Moscow street. As you know, global shooting with professional equipment and accumulation of a large number of people must necessarily agree. Apparently, to save time with registration of the resolution decided “not to bother”, so the artist and her team had to run from the police! I wonder if they knew who was missing?