Polina Gagarina to uncover the truth, which hid the pregnancy.

Полина Гагарина раскрыла правду, из-за чего скрывала беременность.
Famous singer Polina Gagarina about a week ago became the proud mother for the second time.

Полина Гагарина раскрыла правду, из-за чего скрывала беременность.

Pauline and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov became parents of a beautiful girl MIA.

The entire pregnancy, the singer tried to hide his interesting position, not commenting on the rumors, and never appearing in public.

And finally, Pauline explained that their decision.

“I wanted to spend a few important to me months in peace and quiet, because I and my husband, and my family, believe it is a very personal matter, which is not worth the extra time to advertise. Almost any out “in the light” is pictures and discussions, so we went out mostly in the Park.

…And one more thing – I never denied his position, and just tried not to comment and did not respond to a variety of news that was circulated about me are nice and not very nice people. Because I know that my every word is a reason to get ten in response. And there’s no end, no end,” – said Gagarin.

By the way the singer’s family is growing up her son from her first husband.

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