Polina Gagarina supported a new fashion

Полина Гагарина поддержала новую моду
The singer has swapped the gym in the street in the Park.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram.com

Once in Moscow came this spring, Polina Gagarina replaced classes in the fitness room to workout on the air. “When they came with the coach to the Park, surprised that we are not alone cunning, — says the singer. — A so I changed the equipment in the gym on the high bar. I realized that it became fashionable, and such a fashion, I support! The body still receives the required load, and I also have a pleasure of long-awaited heat!”

The artist devotes a lot of time training with a personal trainer. At
to her, the summer she wants to look perfect. Recently, the star posted
Stories in which she demonstrated the process of their home
training. Video for Gagarin is engaged in the jumps, during which
said that more would like to eat ice cream now. The singer was without
makeup and wearing a simple sportswear, that did not stop the fans
to note the good appearance of the star.

the comments people write that the figure of the artist in perfect condition.
Polina Gagarina always been a fan of healthy lifestyle and
happy that the sport is catching on among young people.