Полина Гагарина поразила поклонников видео из личного архива The actress shared on social networks rare recordings on which she is only 10 years. Already as a child the future star of pleasing others with their abilities. According to fans of Pauline, she was just a charming child. Many of them also noticed that over time Gagarin has not changed, only thinner.

      Recently 29-year-old singer Polina Gagarina shared with his fans rare archival records, which are carefully kept by the mother of the artist. On one of the videos that celebrity published online, she is only 10 years old, and she dances to the songs Toni Braxton. However, despite her young age, little Pauline moves is not worse than professional artists with experience. Decided subscribers stars. Many also noted that as a child Gagarina was adorable chubby cheeks. Other fans of the star praised her children’s musical interests.

      Kids the video once it is clear that you are the next star,” “Oh my God, this is my childhood song. My sister and I grew up on the album Toni Braxton”, “Fashion like”, “Funny”, “Very cute”, “lost Weight and became a blonde! That’s all changed in the last few years”, “Voobrajenie, dancing, cheeks the perfect picture of health,” “the Pauline, from your cheeks to melt you,” wrote in the comments to the video Gagarina her fans.

      In another archival clip, posted by the singer online, she sings a song. “Well, control. “I want to sing”. I’m still 10 years”, — wrote in his post celebrity. Subscribers Gagarina noticed that even in childhood she had a beautiful voice. “Good boy, gorgeous singing for her age”, “the Miracle baby”, “How plump you were a child”, “Even then the perfect voice, So Mature in 10 years have not changed”, “Funny and talented” — they expressed their opinion.

      Prior to this, by the way, the celebrity has spread in social networks your photo in primary school age. In this picture the girl is dressed in costume dancing near Christmas tree with gifts. “Happy childhood”, “grandma” — such hashtags Gagarin added to your post.

      Earlier in the interview, the actress said that she had a cheerful childhood, she grew up in care and love. In music school, the future star took her grandmother. The Commission praised the performance of little Pauline of the hit of Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”. The girl also had the ability to dance. But because of the extra pounds she was unable to enroll in dance school.

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