Polina Gagarina shared their secret of success and beauty after childbirth

Полина Гагарина поделилась секретами успеха и красоты после родов

In late spring, the singer Polina Gagarina and her husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, a daughter MIA, a pregnancy which she is very carefully concealed to the last. After the birth of the baby girl dropped 25 pounds and is already releasing new hits. In an interview for the magazine Hello! the singer gave an interview where he revealed secrets.

Полина Гагарина поделилась секретами успеха и красоты после родов

The secret of their success Gagarin considers the speed of action. Since high school, where he studied the singer, she kept the habit to do everything quickly. “The profession requires me to do everything immediately. When I was studying in School-Studio of MKHAT, the teachers told us: we have a week for a month, skip — all is lost. And that’s a fact. In the first year I was away for two weeks — gave birth to Andrew. Came back and realized that do not understand, it is urgent to catch up. I used to exist in this mode. “Always ready!” — that’s my motto. I chose this profession, and I must conform to it. So don’t complain about anything.” says Gagarin.

To drop those extra pounds that the singer has gained during pregnancy, it has become traditional methods. “All women are different. Overall it took me three months to more or less back in shape. Methods the most obvious — eating right, sports. During pregnancy I went to Pilates, I do regular endurance training.” says Pauline.

Полина Гагарина поделилась секретами успеха и красоты после родов

Singer was surprised by comments about her weight Internet users. “And these lovely, kind women write: “How much have you had to eat to gain 25 pounds?” And stuff like that. And I thought: either they have never been pregnant or has ever calculated the calories, or they were incredibly lucky with metabolism. No, I didn’t eat for four, just that’s how my body during pregnancy. Can’t say that I ate only cucumbers and tomatoes… Yes, I ate a little more than usual, but that is not gluttony.”

The singer also shared her beauty secrets.”It’s mom’s genes, I was just lucky. In the salons I don’t go: don’t have the patience to lie on the table and wait for something doing — it’s just crazy you can go! I am in the 20 minutes to redo a lot of cases. I hate Spa treatments,” says Gagarin reporters Hello! “Actually, I have very dry skin, and after the plane — especially, it seems as if I never cream doesn’t… actually use it, of course, and I love the micellar water and toner-comfort for dry and sensitive skin. I have no strict rules. I lead a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes allow myself a glass of wine and when very fun — two glasses. Why not?”

The birth of her daughter MIA for the singer’s husband was the inspiration. “After Dima became a father, he even became interested in children’s photography. Usually it takes artists, musicians, and then suddenly, babies. Here’s his creative impulse. But it’s great! Of course, we have a huge photo archive with MIA, and home video library is. We, like all young parents, take your child literally every second, I can not see a lot, satelliweb the time.” says the artist.