Polina Gagarina satisfied with spouse scandals over photos

Полина Гагарина устраивает супругу скандалы из-за фотографий The husband of the singer has informed fans that the artist is very demanding on human resources. Dmitry Iskhakov often organizes shooting for wife. The photographer said that during the last collaboration between them, passions were running high.

Dmitry Iskhakov husband Polina Gagarina shared with fans last shots of fresh photo shoot for the new clip of the wife. The photographer said that he loves his wife, but they often break during the shooting process.

“One of the frames in our latest photo shoot for promo of the new track of my beloved woman. Love shooting Polushko. We really trust each other, and understand how important it is for result. At the same time, there was not one time that we had a row on the shooting. It’s like in an Italian movie. Just the degree of our love and passion is so high that sometimes boiling occurs”, – said Dmitry fans.

We will remind, this spring Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The singer gave Dmitry ishakova a girl called MIA. Happy parents could not get enough of the emergence of a lovely daughter. However, after a couple of weeks after birth, Gagarin came on the scene. The actress admitted to journalists that did not stay too long on maternity leave, she will not long be idle.

“I was resting during pregnancy. Last month it was used as last year. The days resemble one another, even this cloudy spring weather influenced the mood. I put on my huge down jacket – the only thing that fit, I went out to the Park and ran in circles. Because to go out to a restaurant or even somewhere was impossible – people immediately took out the phone and tried to take a picture. And to me, to put it mildly, not very like,” said the singer to reporters.

Almost immediately after the birth of her daughter, the actress quickly regained slender figure. According to Pauline, she had little to limit yourself to eating and exercise.