Полина Гагарина сохраняет молодость с помощью иголок
The singer became interested in acupuncture.

Photo: Instagram

31-year-old Polina Gagarina revealed the secret of her beautiful appearance. Youthful skin it helps keep acupuncture. The singer herself posted a photo with stuck long needles in the face.

“Regenerate!” commented Pauline.

After the first pregnancy Gagarin has recovered on 30 kg. Then it was insanely difficult to lose weight. The singer literally starved himself to death. She chose then to rotate. Three days of eating empty rice, then three days a hen three days — vegetables or vegetable soup. And all this is just before six in the evening!

After the birth of her daughter MIA in April 2017 Gagarin undertook himself, but without such radical methods. She hired a personal fitness coach, who still comes to her house almost every day. It forces the singer to literally give everything on the pitch for training. Sometimes training and joined the husband Gagarina photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. Spouses are so used to constantly train, even invited the coach, who long ago became a friend of their family, to relax together. And the rest of the rest the singer was not (as she joked).

Despite the workout, the weight in some point the decline ceased. But before the target was 3-4 pounds. Like a little, but to get into concert costumes complicated! So I had to start eating. Gagarin turned to his girlfriend Maria Kravtsova, which owns the preparation and delivery of diet food. Due to the balanced diet Gagarina broke up with excess weight. But the practice has not stopped. Now the star is working to maintain the shape.