Полина Гагарина узнала, что стала мамой во второй раз
Fans congratulated the artist with the child’s birth.

Polina Gagarina


Polina Gagarina has learned from social networks that her family has got a new addition. Passionate about creativity and the personal life of the artist netizens congratulated her… birth of a child. The kid wished good health and happy parents — patience. Only here Pauline, which were addressed to many of the comments that were clearly not aware of the fact that I became a mom. Trying to figure out who launched the wave of false rumors, Gagarin wrote in social networks: “What for delirium in comments?”

It turned out that “duck” that the singer became a mother, started leading the concert, held yesterday in Minsk. The assembled audience announced that Pauline, who was on the list of speakers, could not come because she went into labor. Moreover, on the screen it shows the message that the actress allegedly wrote the leading show. It was written that just a few hours she gives birth. Bad joke introduced leading fans astray. Pauline said that it intends to deal with the “jokers”.

Gagarin didn’t really come to play in Belarus, but warned fans in advance. “Dear friends and Europa Plus Tv! Unfortunately, I can’t be with you today at a Grand concert in the Minsk Arena. I wish you cool nights and excellent spring, until which only a few days left. Be sure to see you soon!” — said Pauline.

Incidentally, the singer is still not officially confirmed that she is pregnant. Some time ago she asked fans to leave her some personal space and not to ask questions on this topic.