Polina Gagarina has published rare archival frame

Полина Гагарина опубликовала редкий архивный кадр
The singer told about the student’s years at the school-Studio MXAT.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarina has published rare archival
the frame that led to the delight of her fans. It’s a celebrity
posing, holding gradebook the student’s school-Studio of MKHAT.

“I decided to share with you old, but this
bright and favorite the, — says the singer. — I am happy
first-year student. Few people know that after I got
jazz education, I continued to learn music and acting
skills. I made this conscious choice, because I know that the musical career of the artist is
not only to get on stage and sing. I’ve always admired artists,
capable of not only voice to excite the hearts of their viewers, but
make the audience believe in the story of the song. Such
artists like live a life on the stage in the few minutes that
sounds composition. Lyudmila Gurchenko, Claudia Shulzhenko — their music
performances are inimitable because they are not only perfect technique
performance, but the ability to present the viewer with an interesting image, load it into
the atmosphere of a narrative. And all this without the lush scenery and dozens of
doubles! The acting profession requires a lot of work, and I’m happy I discovered
this world! On the student’s years at the school-Studio of MKHAT still keep the
warm memories is one of the happiest periods of my life!”

Fans of Pauline not only admired
the diversity of her creative abilities, but also once again
marveled at the fact that Gagarin is beautiful in any form, and it is almost any color hair, including red, as in photos.