Polina Gagarina gave birth to her second child

Полина Гагарина родила второго ребенка
The famous singer again became a mother.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram

Polina Gagarina
gave birth to her second child. The happy event occurred yesterday: the baby was born in one of the best Metropolitan hospitals. Polina gender of the newborn is not yet called. The whole pregnancy
the singer successfully concealed his interesting position, although rumors about that soon
the star will become a mom for the second time, appeared in November 2016. Two months
ago fans did shock a celebrity, decided to congratulate her with
the birth of her second child. The kid wished good health and happy parents — patience.
Only here Pauline, which were addressed to many of the comments that were not aware of the fact that I became a mom. Trying to figure out who launched the wave
false rumors, Gagarin wrote in social networks: “What kind of nonsense in

It turned out that
“duck” that the singer became a mother, started leading the concert, held
yesterday in Minsk. The assembled audience announced that Pauline, who was the
the list of speakers, could not come because she went into labor. More
on the screen was displayed a message that the actress allegedly wrote
leading the show. It was written that just a few hours she
bear. Bad joke introduced leading fans astray. Pauline
said that it intends to deal with the “jokers”.

We will remind, Polina Gagarina already with 9-year-old son Andrew (he was born in her first marriage with actor Peter Kislov). In 2014, the singer married the famous photographer Dmitry Isakov.