Polina Gagarina fully exposed for intimate photo shoot

Полина Гагарина полностью обнажилась для интимной фотосессии Popular singer informed fans that she released a new song, called “Disarmed”. The artwork of the single was the husband of Polina Gagarina, Dmitry Iskhakov. Spouse star thanked her for her courage.

Singer Polina Gagarina, which this spring gave birth to a charming daughter , has provided fans a new song “Disarmed”. The author of photos that became the cover of the single, became the husband of the artist Dmitry Iskhakov. It turned out quite a Frank and stylish. In the picture, which appeared online, Paulina posing with no clothes on. “Well, in a good way! Write like you!” – asked the star to followers of his “Instagrama”.

Spouse Gagarina explained on what basis were chosen for the photo release. Anticipating criticism of ill-wishers, Dmitry advised them to pass by and not spend attention to write condemning reviews.

“Here’s a picture I particularly love. And even more because it became the cover of the new single, Pauline “Disarmed”. This picture is impossible accurately reflects the name of the song in our opinion. Besides, I always wanted to do that photo. Polushka thank you for the courage and determination to make this frame cover. Clear the stump that now begins: “You’re the mother”, “Disgrace”, “shame on you”. If you decide to write, it is better to write a review yourself, don’t waste time”, – said Iskhakov in one of the social networks.

Internet users supported the singer in the comments of the post. Many of them wrote that they liked the song Gagarina. “I’m excited. On repeat”, “As always in the heart”, “Single incredibly cool! Sound, voice, emotion, the flow… Special song in your repertoire”, “very beautiful”, “Stunning”, “One emotion”, “Bomb”, “Fire”, “soul”, “Beautiful and very feminine”, “Good”, “Incredible cover”, “shivers” was discussed fans Gagarina.

In the lyrical song Polina Gagarina is the following lines, which, according to connoisseurs of her work, was very slim and catchy:

Everything goes, and you will.
And there are a million reasons.
I now can not cope.
I want you.
Joined our orbit.
We see the world, which is not.
What attracted to you like a magnet.
For anybody not a secret.
I’m unarmed
Because I need you very much!

Earlier Gagarin presented other black and white pictures that have become part of a photo shoot for the song “Disarmed”. On those shots, the singer is depicted on the belt. “And that’s not a cover! Waiting for my new single? Left quite a bit… a picture of my beloved husband,” commented Pauline.