Polina Gagarina frightened residents of his apartment

Полина Гагарина напугала жильцов своей квартиры
The singer returned to the house where he spent his childhood.

Photo: Instagram

During a tour in his native city of Saratov Polina Gagarina could not resist and went through the places of her childhood: walked past the school, sat in the old courtyard, and then decided at random to ring the doorbell of the apartment in which he spent his early years of his life.

Imagine you are sitting at home in the evening, drinking tea with the family — and suddenly, you have a superstar Polina Gagarina. To say that the people who now live in this apartment, was surprised — to say nothing. Surprised, scared, excited…

Muddled Pauline explained that she previously lived here and would very much like to see the apartment.

“It was crazy, because I was in front of complete strangers! But they were kind enough to let me go! — said Gagarin. In these walls were surprisingly happy years of my childhood lived there, my beloved grandmother, where I danced tango there eating her pea soup and was looking at going down the Volga barge…. And photos HEY red phone, left it and I, seeing him, rejoiced as if he met someone very close to you from the past. How do you want to return to childhood for one day. To embrace his beloved grandma and all, to tell her everything…”