Polina Gagarina for the first time told about newborn daughter

Полина Гагарина впервые рассказала о новорожденной дочери

Some time ago in mass media there was information that Polina Gagarina pregnant. Though the singer tried to hide the fact its an interesting situation, for many it was quite obvious. And that’s when the baby was born, Pauline decided to tell about this event, show your pregnant photo and also tell that to her then newborn baby. In Gagarin’s Instagram posted a picture in which she is shown walking with a stroller.

“Can’t get enough and breathe! It is unconditional infinite love! Thank you, friends, for your warm wishes!” signed Pauline post.
Note that the husband of Gagarin Dmitry Iskhakov ahead of her in the microblog published a similar photo with the caption similar content.
We will remind, the baby girl was the second child for Polina. From Peter Kislov, the singer is the son of Andrew, who is now 9 years old.