Polina Gagarina for the first time spoke about how her life has changed after giving birth

Полина Гагарина впервые рассказала о том, как изменилась ее жизнь после родов
The singer admitted that her head does not fit the fact: it is twice a mother.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Press service

Polina Gagarina took part in the project social network “Odnoklassniki” —
it’s called “OK!”. The singer at the end of April appeared
adorable daughter, MIA, spoke about what she’s doing to come in
shape after childbirth, and how she and her husband Dmitry Isakov raising

If you don’t pay attention to my twitching
right eye hidden by bangs, and that sometimes at concerts I forget
words, then everything else is because I missed you, — said Pauline.
— Except that I’m a mom twice, although it is still not very fit I have
the head, but I’m and artist and, of course, I really missed the stage. I
gave birth to on April 26, but I requested that my Director told me the concerts at the end of
Mar. I rushed to the scene.”

No wonder the daughter Gagarina growing musical child.

unlike my son likes it when I sing, — says the singer. — Was recently
my clip on TV, it all froze and looked into my eyes. And
anyway, I wanted to say that the children now space. They are so fast, that I
don’t understand how that’s even possible. All the indicators that should be
a month or three, we all already know. It’s even scary. MIA started
cooing with a smile from ear to ear on the second week.”

All who were in the Studio in
interview Polina Gagarina, said that the actress is beautiful
physical form. The young mother did not make a mystery of it to her

“I still
need to lose seven pounds, she admitted. — My diet last
four weeks — chicken, broccoli, food without salt, no sugar and plenty of water. But
very often. I don’t know how to cook, so preparing we have only husband.”