Polina Gagarina for the first time published a photo of daughter

Полина Гагарина впервые опубликовала фото дочери The singer relaxes during a long-awaited vacation abroad. The company Polina Gagarina made her husband Dmitry Iskhakov and children. The heiress actress MIA not even a year old, but parents take her on vacation.

30-year-old Polina Gagarina went abroad to have a rest together with loved ones – husband Dmitry Isakov and children. The choice of the artist fell on the Maldives, where it has been previously. Instagram celebrities regularly appear vivid images that her fans admire. According to many, Gagarin is in fine form.

On one of the frames that received the highest number of likes, Polina captured in the company of a spouse and heirs – son Andrew, and daughter, MIA. Adorable baby girl was born in April last year. Parents already take it with you on vacation. Apparently, MIA suffered a good flight and acclimatization. Photo taken on vacation, was the first to photograph an adorable baby. Before Polina Gagarina prefer not to share images of their youngest child.

Fans of the singer came to the delight of the idyll that reigns in her family. They wished Gagarina good holiday and noted that children grow up very quickly. Many also noted the originality of composition, the author of which, apparently, is the husband of the artist Dmitry Iskhakov. “Super”, “Delight”, “a Brilliant idea”, “MIA just like newly born, and already sitting”, “Is”, “Cool photo”, “Cute”, “Cool”, “Beauty”, “Daddy good”, “Unusually”, “Your daughter is so big”, commented subscribers microblog Gagarina.

The famous singer and her family are in the Maldives for several days. Family Polina Gagarina came at a luxury resort last week. “We’re in heaven”, – shared her impressions the actress immediately upon your arrival. Fans of the actress admired the picturesque scenery, pictures of which appeared on her page in Instagram. “The lucky ones”, “How great there”, “Romantic”, – wrote in the comments of the post Gagarina.

Being in a tropical Paradise, the singer has been supportinga – so called a La “surfing standing”. Many celebrities are happy to learn this fairly young sport. “I really like this gizmo! When Miusa falls asleep, mom comes off,” wrote the singer in social networks.

Before you head into the holidays a little MIA, which is not yet a year old, Polina Gagarina consulted with the followers. The star admitted that spends a lot of time for chores before the holiday. “I have starts to slowly twitch eyes the number of things you need to take for MIA! Mother, dear, share! How was it to travel to the Islands with an 8-month-old baby?” – asked the singer to subscribers.