Полина Гагарина рассекретила имя дочери Today the artist and her husband received the first document for the child. Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov said, as he called the daughter, and fans praised their choice. They wished the girl to continue to make their parents happy.

The news that the famous singer Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time, appeared last Friday. During the final show of “the Voice.Children” Dmitry Nagiev has congratulated the actress, who in the previous season of the program was one of the mentors, with the birth of a child. A little later, the singer herself confirmed the good news, making a statement to his fans on the social network. Polina Gagarina shared their first photos with newborn baby

It became known today, what is the name for newborn girl chose Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry Isakov. It turned out that they decided to name the baby MIA. The day the man has issued the first document of the successor.

“Today, the happy father received a birth certificate. Meet MIA D. Iskhakova! Be happy, baby! In the world there are no words to describe our affection and love for you, our little girl,” wrote in microblogging Pauline.

Fans were happy for the actress and her family. They felt that the couple chose a very euphonious name, which goes well with the surname and patronymic. “The health of the baby and the mother. Grow to the delight of parents. MIA, you chose good parents. Happy for you is infinite”, “Very beautiful and rare name”, “Pauline I wish you lots of happiness and love to my daughter was healthy and beautiful it will be like a mother,” “my God, how much love and tenderness. Want to keep this happiness and carry it through the year! And wish the baby good health, and everything else will make my mom’s-father’s love! Congratulations, Pauline!” – wrote followers.

Despite the fact that throughout pregnancy Polina Gagarina preferred to hide interesting position, after the baby born situation changed radically. Now, the singer keeps fans informed of what is happening in the life of her newborn daughter. Recently, the actress went for the first walk with the baby. Pauline shares her emotions with fans, happy to see their idol happy.

“Can’t get enough and breathe! It’s unconditional, infinite love!” – does not constrain delight of Gagarin, speaking about her daughter.